Experts in All Precision Engineering Works, Forging Work and Fasteners Manufacturer in India

Industries We Served

We serve various industries with variety of fasteners and custom fasteners. Industries we served are :

  • Heavy Equipment/constructions
  • Transportation
  • Mining
  • Automotive Industries
  • Alternative Energy

Heavy Equipment/constructions

We provide a large variety of high quality structural fasteners to customers in the heavy equipment industry. These customers rely on durable and reliable parts to ensure their equipment run safety and that their projects are completed on the designated time-line. We also provide custom fasteners to match your unique specifications.

In addition, we are also able to meet quality requirement in order to ensure your product resists corrosion and you receive the maximum life for your investment.


We provide variety of bolts to transportation industries. The high strength and high durable fasteners are required for the railroad and tractor trailers, along with a variety of over the road vehicles. Our quality control department plays an important role to check the specification and strength. With this, we ensure that the quality fasteners for transportation are successfully deliver and that too meeting customer satisfaction.


From surface to underground mining equipment, Daksha Engineering works provides high strength and high quality fasteners that can satisfy the toughest earth-moving requirements. The common thread in mining is to move the substance in most effective manner. We provide custom bolts, nuts and other fasteners which allow the substance to move effectively and that too in specified time.

Automotive Industries

The automotive industry is one of the world's most important economic sectors by revenue. Daksha Engineering Works has highly trained staffs that are able to respond quickly to the demands of engineers and purchasing managers who need custom fasteners made to specifications efficiently and with the utmost quality. We understand that when these individuals need parts, it means they need them "yesterday". Our distinctive manufacturing process enables us to provide exceptionally quick turnarounds of custom specials and parts made to print.

Alternative Energy

From thermal to solar energy to wind power, alternative energy is a rapidly growing market. Most corporations are now becoming concerned about being "greener" and "cleaner". Daksha Engineering Works is able to respond to these markets' needs for high strength and custom large diameter fasteners.