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Fasteners Manufacturer

A highly quality fasteners are developed and manufactured by robust and rigorous manufacturing process and inspections. The inspection is done at each stage of fastener manufacturing. The normal process includes:

Heading Process (Cold Forged)

This process is cold heading process which uses high speed automated “past formers” or “cold-headers”. This process is volume specific and it is uses with dies and punches to transform specific “slug” into a finished shaped part of exact same volume.

Slotting Process

This process is a milling process which uses a mill to cut narrow ridge from the surface of a work piece.

Threading Process

This process is a deformation process. It is applied at the bottom of the work billet. It is a cold forming process which is used because cylindrical parts – such as the remaining bottom round part of the bolt can be easily have thread by tolling work billet through two dies.

Daksha Works also provide plating that ensure plating quality and also makes sure the thickness is maintained.

Daksha Works is also considered one of the finest and biggest fasteners manufacturers for the industrial or project requirements. We are proud of our Fastener Manufacturing facilities which we have generated over a period of time. Currently, we have a state of art service of fastener manufacturing and we are expanding in terms of manufacturing capacity.

Our Fastener manufacturing service can be broadly classified into


We have many indigenously developed machines for cutting purpose. This includes: Rotary cutters, Gang Band Saw Cutting machine, Conventional Band saw Machines, Abrasive cutters, Power Presses


3 and 2 station automotive champhering & marking machine (both operations in a single machine)


Fastener manufacturing also include marking via pneumatic Marking Machine

Thread Rolling

We have thread rolling machine of various sizes and capacities. Currently we are having capacity to carry our rolling process in single pass and can roll the size above it by doing in the multiple passes without damaging the threads.


This process in essential in Fastener manufacturing. We have best forging machine with us which includes Vertical Forging machine (up strokes and down strokes), Trimming presses.


CNC lathe machines, CNC milling machines, Automatic nut boring machines, Automatic Double Ended Stud turning machines.


This process is essential for caring our threading operation for nuts and fastener. Semi-Automatic Double and single spindle tapping machine are available for nut and fastener manufacturing.

Surface Treatment

For better rust prevention of Fasteners, we provide rust preventive coating.