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U Bolt Manufacturers & Suppliers In India

Daksha Engineering Provides The Best Manufactured U Bolts For Purposes!

Your daily household jobs like fixing Valves and pipelines or factory maintenance like the automobile or machine repair can by U bolt, which looks so simple. Choosing the right choice of  U bolts Manufacturers becomes the difference between solid structures and on-site disasters. Easy to overlook these restraints, but as the biggest U Bolt manufacturers in India, Daksha Engineering is here to become the best U Bolt supplier with total reliability.

Read about U Bolt Manufacturers and the interesting facts surrounding these compact difference makers.

What Is a U Bolt?

U Bolt is a bolt bent in the shape of “U”. A curved bolt that has features of threads on each end. Because of the curve of the bolt, it can fit nicely around pipes or big tubes. Meaning SS316 U Bolts can securely fix pipelines with Chemicals to support and perform heavy work.

U Bolts

When Can One Use A U Bolt?

U bolts have a wide range of usage but vastly for piping solutions. These Grade 4.6 U Bolts are necessary for many Industries and Businesses:

As A Guide And Restraint

U Bolts are often used as a pipe or tube restraint to stop the piping from banging or getting into structures and damaging them. When chemical pipes are restrained by pinning or holding down, they will be damaged where pressure is most focused. U Bolts are used as a guide to regulate pipe movements without compressing vibrations into one point. These bolts help the tubes to operate without any hassles or unwanted disturbance while chemicals or any liquid passing through them.

For Pipe Elevation

One of the usages of U Bolts is fixing the hanging tubes. Inappropriate fixing of your pipeline can cause falling objects and corrosion thanks to gravity. SS304 U Bolt to a ceiling, beam, or overhead structure to secure pipes and limit vibrations.

For Shipping

During shipping, pipes can soup up and down, resulting in breakage. We provide SS304 U Bolts to lock and restrain the pipeline when shipping. The U Bolt provides a buffer between the pipe and the other metal.

Useful in Framing Systems

A Durable interface between metal structure and framing channel member is definitely and safely fixed with Beam Clamps, Parallel, Perpendicular, even vertical attachment is feasible with our carefully considered selection.

How U Bolt Manufacturers In India Increase Its Life?

On top of those common core elements, manufacturers can add protective coatings. These finishes protect against corrosion even more. Coating of U Bolts in many different ways:

Zinc Plating

The zinc coating with the help of electrodes is known as Zinc Plating. It is a thin layer plating on the bolt that usually works better for indoor applications.

Hot-Dip Galvanization

Hot-dip galvanization deeper zinc coating. We dunk the U Bolt in molten zinc to save it from corrosive surroundings like high humidity or salty air. One of the Largest U Bolt Manufacturers in India, Daksha Engineering always makes sure of the quality.

Fluoropolymer Coating

A mixture of elements that is very resistant to corrosion is fluoropolymer coating. This coating can stay intact in any environment without affecting it through hot and cold temperatures.

Thermoplastic Coating

The main advantage of using a thermoplastic coating on U Bolts is that it provides a strong layer between metals. Metal-on-metal contact can cause galvanic corrosion and broken structures. A thermoplastic coating adds a protective neutral layer between the pipe and restraint.

Types of U Bolts

We are two types of U Bolt manufacturers in India, which are middle bandage and square U Bolts.

  1. Square U Bolts- A square U Bolt featuring a 90-degree angle at each bend is known as a square bend U Bolt. This sort of bolt is common in countries like Chile and Kenya.
  2. Middle Bandage U Bolt- This type of U Bolt features a bandage at the center, between the threaded ends that help minimize friction between the installed device and U-clamps.
U Bolt Suppliers In India
U Bolt Manufacturers India

How to Install U Bolts?

The way to install a U Bolt properly helps you to process your job without any hassle.

  1. Remove the nuts from both sides.
  2. Place MS U Bolt around the pipe to fix the U Bolt ends through the holes in the support beam or structure.
  3. Thread both nuts on each end of the bolt.
  4. Tight the nuts with a hand that is closer to the support beam.
  5. With the help of a tool or wrench, tighten the nuts on each side of the U Bolt.

Using the U Bolt as a guide, confirm live spacing to suit its specifications before tightening nuts.

What to look for in U Bolts?

Besides watching the fabric making U Bolts, several other factors will determine their efficiency. Here are a couple of factors that the best U Bolt suppliers in India take care of,

  1. Thickness- Thick U bolts are ideal for heavy materials as they will carry their weight. Find U Bolts in several diameters to assist you with the foremost suitable for your use.
  2. Lastingness- The diameter of the element is very vital in determining its lastingness. The manufacturing process also will influence the power; for instance, hot forging produces stronger U Bolts, while cold-bending will give fragile devices that aren’t proper.
U Bolt Manufacturers & Suppliers In India

Why Choose Us?

Daksha Engineering, one of the largest U Bolt Suppliers in India, provides required bolts. From fixing woodwork to tightening technical gadgets to big factories and equipment that need to be intact for a period with security and without hassle. We are also the largest U Bolt Manufacturers in India who do their work professionally.